3D card competitive mobile game “Marvel Showdown

Ascend to fight, save the universe! Netease Games and Marvel Entertainment launched the flagship 3D card competitive mobile game Marvel Showdown Gwenji’s Double Happiness Test #2″ today, and announced the film and television-level super Burn CG who can steal the equipment of heroes such as Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Star? There are many mysteries, and players are invited to go to the game to reveal the answer This time for the Android paid file deletion test, go to the official website of Marvel Showdown (md.163.com) to download the test server, you can build your own Marvel hero deck and experience the brand new two-player “card friend mode”! Log in to receive a permanent Orange card, you can also enjoy a limited-time double recharge rebate activity

Get the orange card at the start, keep it until it goes online

During this test period, log in for 3 days and 7 days, and the random purple cards and designated orange cards obtained will be retained until the official version of the game. After the game is officially launched, players can log in to the game with the same account to receive the two high rarity cards obtained in this test, and establish a leading edge at the start

Recharge double back, Star Stone is good at it

This “Gwenji’s Double Happiness Test #2” will open the paid recharge system. All data will be cleared after the end of the test and will not be retained. The recharge amount of the player during this test period will be returned to the same account in the form of star diamonds and star stones after the game is officially launched, and the maximum benefit can be doubled!

Brand friends meet brand friends, crystals will not stop

In the new online card friend mode of “Marvel Showdown”, players can team up with their friends and fight together. In the special round where card friends meet, the party who loses blood can get extra gems and even higher income! Quickly designate a strategy with your card friends, strategize in the card friend mode and win the final victory, and get a lot of cooperation crystal rewards!

Over 150 Marvel superheroes, freely gather to create unlimited possibilities!

In “Marvel Showdown”, players can also use tricks and strategic layouts, or by equipping powerful equipment to defeat their opponents in card duels. The world of “Marvel Showdown” has endless possibilities There are no restrictions on the deck construction in “Marvel Showdown”. Players can freely choose from more than 150 Marvel superheroes and characters, whether it is the Iron Man who condenses the power of science and technology or the power of endless rage and destruction. Grams can be the core for players to win in card duels.

Ascend the blow, the high-precision model that jumps out of the card surface!

Marvel Showdown” groundbreakingly realized the “upgrading blow” of the game screen. From two-dimensional to three-dimensional, over a hundred superheroes and characters are equipped with high-precision 3D modeling, will jump out of the card surface in battle, show their powerful superpowers with gorgeous and cool special effects!

In the “Marvel Showdown”, players can see Thor swinging Thor’s hammer to throw thunder and lightning punishment on the enemy; or Iron Man descends from the sky, swaying the power of technology; Hela breaks through the screen and gives it devastating power All the opponents fight! Hundreds of high-precision modeling superhero characters and epic combat special effects are waiting for players to explore one by one!


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