“Fifth Personality” Eighteenth Season Essence 3 is online today

Corrupted life, desperate death, the perished, pray for salvation, the innocent, reveal the truth, the protector is in charge of life and death, the weak light under the boundless darkness, is it an illusion or a great one NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game “The Fifth Personality”, the eighteenth season·Essence 3, is officially launched today. And more exquisite fashions will appear together. In this final carnival, what choice will you make?

Indulge in fantasy, or start a new life

The story of the eighteenth season of “The Fifth Personality” · Essence 3 takes place in a village that is almost forgotten. It was originally happy and peaceful, but after the outbreak of the Black Death, the dying people who were infected were exiled here, and the village was reduced to In the ruins of the dead city, the survivors became resentful and xenophobic, and even missed the good life of the past. The elders promised to take everyone back to the past, thereby controlling the spirit and actions of the villagers. The rituals were staged day after day, and people were addicted to the short-lived pleasures.

A fugitive aristocrat who was rescued by a couple in the village discovered this phenomenon. He sneaked into the ritual hall and witnessed the madness of the crowd and their surrender to the mysterious red man. He was even more surprised to find that there was nobody under the red man’s mask. Only decay and death! The noble prince summoned his courage to try to expose this false appearance, but the villagers who surrendered to the red-clothed man were not awakened. They caught the noble prince and poured out the anger and fear in their hearts.

In the new essence poster, the mercenary-man in red stands in the center of the hall, accepting the worship of the believers, with no sadness or joy on his face; beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, a stove is burning, and a beautiful woman is restrained at the bottom of the stove. She accepts such suffering indifferently; the painter-fugitive hides behind the pillar, and he is shocked by the vision under the mask of the man in red. Scarlet light spilled into the hall through the windows, heralding everything that is about to happen here…

Without seeing the darkness, do you know the greatness of light!

The villagers’ memory of the past and evasion of reality summoned the mercenaries-the men in red. They surrendered and feared “him” and sacrificed themselves in order to live forever. But others who have not experienced and witnessed death cannot understand their fear and despair, just as they cannot understand the greatness of the ray of light in the distance without setting foot in the darkness in the abyss of innocence The mercenary-the man in the red dress has white hair, squiggly red dress, and overflowing vines, forming a dark pattern that spreads all over the body, and also forming a silver arm guard, which makes the overall shape more layered and three-dimensional; scarlet Both hands have sharp nails, and several red threads spread out from the palms, intertwined with the arm guards, conveying energy for them; there is a shocking crack in the chest, vines grow out of it, and a white butterfly covers the crack. Many white Fluttershy resting on the right shoulder and left eye, sometimes flying up and down, as eye-catching as the faint light in the dark.

In the character display interface, the mercenary-man in red appeared in the dimness, with a light flick of his hands, a red light bursts out, spreading to the surroundings. He bowed his head sometimes, sometimes raised his head, sometimes meditated, and then stared forward in a flash, lowering the cover. After holding the right eye’s hand, the white Fluttershy flew out, and when he stretched out his left hand, the red vine and the white butterfly flew out together, leaving only a red cocoon, and finally, everything fell into darkness. In the chase, the mercenary-the man in red has exclusive special effects on his right eye, right shoulder, and chest, and the white fluorescence lingers with the white butterfly.

Courageous and innocent, burning roses

The painter-fugitive cannot understand the fear and despair of the villagers, so he is naive. He did not shrink from the vision in the ritual, so he was courageous. When the illusion has been punctured, what will be the result waiting for him? Painter-fugitive dressed in an elegant blue aristocratic costume, the mutilation that can be seen everywhere proves the danger he encountered on the way to escape; on the hat and scarf Both are inlaid with sapphires, two of them will emit bright blue light when chasing; the yellow feathers on the hat, the quill pen in the hand, and the drawing book make the artistic temperament immediately appear, even on the way of fleeing, he did not stop. Through the pursuit of beauty.

The fifth Personality” Eighteenth Season·Essence 3 is online today
The beauty and love given by the heavens is not fertile soil, and it is not enough to save the wilting flowers. The shape of the spider-the voyeuristic heart is the very stunning-the white-haired woman is firmly locked in the stove, the stove is blazing, and the beautiful roses are burned; vines protrude from the bottom of the stove, and four of them hold the torch high. , The other four are turned into hands and feet, and the spider-peeping heart will also use the hands formed by the vine to make up, completely forgetting her original limbs.

The fifth Personality” Eighteenth Season·Essence 3 is online today

the evil blooming in desire has summoned cruel priests and bewildered villages, waiting for your arrival! NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game “Fifth Personality” Season 18·Essence 3 is officially launched today, Log in to the official website now to view more game information.

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