The Jurassic Battlefield Behemoth Battlefield is on fire

Jurassic theme new behemoth-level strategy mobile game “Behemoth Battlefield” deletes files and starts testing, which will start at 10:00 on May 25th! In the grand battlefield of giant beasts, all forces have launched a strategic contest of wits and courage in order to compete for giant beasts and rare resources. Who will lead the “behemoth army” to become the overlord? Everything will be announced immediately!

As a new behemoth-level SLG strategy mobile game with the Jurassic theme, “Behemoth Battlefield” has created an epic and magnificent fantasy world. In the dense jungle, there are ferocious Zhaka rebels and huge prehistoric behemoths lurking, they will become the obstacles of the player’s way of exploring treasures. And what you have to do is to form your own behemoth army, breakthrough numerous difficulties, defeat them to win resources, strengthen your own strength, and engage in strategic confrontations with many players, and dominate the behemoth battlefield!

Here, you will meet hundreds of prehistoric behemoths, and the creators, tyrannosaurus, and long-necked dragons that only appear in science fiction movies will appear one by one and become a general of your command. The behemoths have different characteristics and have different attributes and skills. The tyranny sweeps the tail to make people feel palpitating, and the steel fist jumps with a strong momentum… They are strong and powerful, and they will become the best killers on the battlefield! As the leader of the behemoth army, in addition to having the “power of life and death” of the behemoths, the player can also train the behemoths. The behemoths can be swallowed to complete the star promotion, feed the beast food to increase the level… There are many ways to help you upgrade. Behemoth strength! In addition, under the technological transformation, the giant beast will also be fully equipped with armor and cannon, showing the charm of the linkage between modern technology and the ancient giant beast! Behemoth Battlefield” provides a unique new behemoth world, bringing players a behemoth-level SLG experience comparable to science fiction blockbusters. Don’t you be excited about the Jurassic battle in the palm of your hand?

Joint Giant Beast Strategic Expedition, Dual Contest of Wisdom and Strength

In addition to an immersive interaction with Giant Beasts, players can also experience multiple gameplay in “Behemoth Battlefield”. In the game, every player has a military camp full of science and technology, where you can train the army, produce resources, etc., to provide logistical support for your strategic expedition. It is worth mentioning that your camp area can be continuously expanded by exploring the misty area, and the process of exploration is also an adventurous journey. You will encounter new behemoths and new treasures, and the freshness will continue to be produced.

At the same time, SLG gameplay will also run through the entire process of your exploration. What should I do if I meet the Zhaka rebels? What should I do if I encounter a giant beast? At this time, the behemoth army that you have built with all your strength is ready for heavy strikes! In the long-range barracks, grenadiers, armor-piercing rockets, mortars, etc. are on standby; in the melee barracks, Amazon vanguards and jungle guerrillas are ready to go… The powerful attack power of modern technology will be fully displayed on the battlefield.
And giant beasts also have different attributes. [Lord] can strengthen all soldiers, [Jungler] is suitable for fighting monsters on the big map, and [tank] is a weapon in the front row… Each giant beast will have 4 of 12 attributes. , Which behemoth you choose depends on the situation. The diversified human army and the behemoths with different attributes have derived many strategies from each other, and the mystery still requires players to experience it in the game.

In addition, the formation of the “behemoth army” is also a science. For example, in the human army, melee units are suitable for front row charge and battle, while long-range units are suitable for rear row output and provide fire support; in giant beasts, [tank] It is the front-row meat shield that does my part, and [Output] carries the output flag in the back row. Reasonable arrangement of positions is an important magic weapon for defeating the enemy.

In order to allow players to fully experience the strategy of the game, Behemoth Battlefield provides two combat modes, PVE, and PVP including monsters and real-life PK. The battle to test wisdom and strength is on the verge, come and join us What is the experience of a super war between prehistoric monsters and modern technology? Let the Jurassic theme new behemoth-level strategy mobile game Behemoth Battlefield” tell you! At 10:00 on May 25th, the battle of “Monster Battlefield” will start, and the prehistoric monsters will go all out. Get ready for the challenge! For more game details, please follow the WeChat public account: Behemoth Battlefield  here is the latest news

About Behemoth Battlefield”

In the mysterious future world, a science fiction war between humans and behemoths is about to begin.
Here, the behemoth is no longer just a partial embellishment of the game, but the interesting origin of the new strategy gameplay! The original monster training strategy system not only allows you to come into contact with hundreds of ancient dinosaurs, but you can also capture them on the big map to cultivate your own team of monsters There are also innovative strategies such as base development, behemoth training, behemoth transformation, scientific research and development, and lineup matching. Real-time competition for the whole picture, real-time army warfare, and key resource plunder giving you an unprecedented thrill of war Thousands of beasts gather, just waiting for your strategic expedition! Behemoth battlefield, every inch of land must contend!

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