legendary racing shining first revealed Ace Racing” S2

Unusual road casual racing mobile game “Ace Racing” new season “off-road action” countdown for 3 days! Appreciated the domineering Titan, mysterious manta rays, appreciate the thrills of the canyon vertical and horizontal, and the spectacular dam sprinting. With the constant exposure of new cars and new tracks, are you more looking forward to the coming of the new season? Today, the new legendary car “The Shining” is on the stage. The appearance of science fiction and the dazzling trump card will take you across the finish line!

Ace Racing” S2 legendary racing shining first revealed

The car of the future, the perfect fusion of curve and straight design concept is extremely simple, the whole car is outlined by geometric lines, the shape is simple and smooth, but the fusion of straight lines and curves brings a distinct sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality, which is like a car from the future, which is impressive. At the first sight of the Shining, you will be deeply attracted by its recognizable appearance.

Ace Racing” S2 legendary racing shining first revealed

The hidden headlights on the front face are elegant and retro, and the LED lights across the front of the car are full of science fiction; the body is low and the overall arc is smooth; the rear is designed with through-type taillights, which looks cool in the night and has four exhausts. The tube also shows its strong power; the design of the rear spoiler is unique, and the excellent aerodynamic design enables the Shining to minimize air resistance while still generating sufficient downforce, ensuring that the car is still strong at extreme speeds. Strong grip, outstanding stability, and dynamics.

As the only racing car among the five racing cars to be launched in the off-road action season, the Shining naturally possesses extraordinary strength. It has the passive skills of the “ghost body” and can increase itself by 2.5% after a collision. The power of the ultimate move, so it is not afraid of difficult tracks and powerful opponents, all obstacles will only make it more powerful.

Ace Racing” S2 legendary racing shining first revealed

When the energy of the ultimate move is full, the shining can also release the trump card stunt “ghost flashing”, allowing itself to enter the ghost state, gaining a long-term acceleration and continuously breaking the upper limit of speed. Once a collision occurs during acceleration, it will flash to the front quickly, and at the same time, the duration of the big move will be reduced accordingly. When the shining reaches level 8, it can also unlock the passive attribute of the phantom flashing, so that the ultimate move is no longer affected by the ban effect, and it can be converted into energy, charging yourself 15%!

Ace Racing” S2 legendary racing shining first revealed
From appearance to performance, the brand-new legendary racing car “The Shining” will give drivers more tactical options, whether it is ace stunts or passive skills, making the competition on the field even more unpredictable.

Victory car, waiting for you to experience

At the Ace Festival of Speed, how high can the Shining reach? Can it refresh the speed records of major tracks, win the favor of ace drivers, and become a new generation of racing cars? Only when you personally enter the cockpit, You can get the answer after starting the Shining and racing.

Ace Racing” S2 legendary racing shining first revealed

The ghosts flicker, and you can gallop! The new season of “Ace Racing”, an unusual road casual racing mobile game, “Off-Road Action” is about to start. The legendary racing car “The Shining” will be unveiled soon. Hurry up and invite friends to join Ace Speed. In this festival, bring the Shining under your command, gallop on the track, and go to the top of the speed!

About “Ace Racing

Ace Racing” is a new product racing mobile game developed by NetEase. Players will play a professional driver to participate in the Ace Festival of Speed ​​competition. There are a large number of racing cars in the game. There are not only real cars authorized by the car factory but also many surreal prototype cars, which can be driven by the players. With the unique racing ace skill system, each car has its own exclusive skills, and the national supercar can also share the racing fun with luxury supercars. More than a dozen real-life racing tracks, cross them, and experience the thrill of infinite drag racing!

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