The new theme of Resurrection Witch Game start on August 19

Witch’s strange journey, involved in the struggle on the floating island

The main story of the fifth chapter of The Resurrected Witch Caprière will open on August 19th. Let’s explore this mysterious floating island in the clouds! The witch followed the priest who had captured the power of dark magic, passed through the mirror of time and space, and came to Lapierre. This huge island floating in the air is covered with thick clouds and mist, and there seems to be a huge monster hovering under the clouds Lapierre is divided into upper and lower levels. The upper level is inhabited by the nobles who rule the entire floating island, while the common people can only live in the dilapidated lower level. The civilians at the lower levels not only had to endure the exploitation of the upper-level nobles, but were also often attacked by monsters flying up from the ground, and it was miserable. For a long time, civilians who know no magic can only endure all this silently, but now a leader has stepped forward and secretly established a resistance organization, looking for companions with the same aspirations. Under Capiair’s calm, undercurrents surged, and the witch who came to this floating island at this time was also involved in this struggle to determine the future of the floating island

A new map scene, showing a variety of Caprière

Since the floating city is high in the sky, most of the time it is under the sun, but when the high-altitude cold air encounters the warm air around the island, it is easy to cause precipitation. Therefore, there will be rainfall every evening on the floating island, and there are a lot of waterfalls on the surface of the island. And a small number of lakes

The entire floating island’s food supply relies solely on the wheat grown on the lower layer of the ground. Fruit trees and livestock are only raised on one end of the island or on a few small floating islands. These are used as luxury goods for the gods and nobles, so this place is closely guarded. Underground is the output of ore, which is used to make tools and materials.

Brand new dolls are on the stage to experience the charm of different characters

New UR dolls “Catherine of the Holy Land” and “Charr the One Waiting for Fate”, SSR dolls “Balance Enforcer Dasius”, SR dolls “Goddess of the Lake Dana” enter the card pool, more doll files, Please pay attention to follow-up informationThe new skin of the UR doll “Lake Melody Flore”, “Song to Mother” will also be launched in the store. Let’s listen to the affectionate melody played by Flore together~

More fun gameplay, richer game content

In addition to the above content, this update also adds more fun gameplay, allowing Lord Witch to experience richer game content. There will be a new guild upgrade & guild donation gameplay. Players can donate items through the guild to get increased donation progress and receive guild currency rewards while increasing the guild level. In addition, the fifth chapter of the memory is coming again, BOSS Solardius, let’s fight monsters and upgrade together The above is the preview of the new version. The main story of the fifth chapter of the “Resurrected Witch” “Caprière” will open on August 19th. Come and explore this mysterious floating island in the clouds!

About “Revived Witch

The witch who woke up in the forest seemed to have lost most of her memory. Just remember some simple magic. There was a bottle of unknown liquid on her waist, and there seemed to be some things waiting for her to finish. There seems to be a voice calling in my head, is it obedience or resistance

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