The new version of Ace War: Civilization Restart Glory Battlefield

The new version of “Ace War: Civilization Restart” “Glory Battlefield” is officially launched today, and the intimacy system will also be implemented in this version. Players can increase the favorability among friends. At the same time, there are many useful props.

The event kicked off in an all-round way, and experience the charm of fair competition

In order to enable players to experience better gameplay, a Bounty Event” entrance is added to the game lobby in the new version, allowing players to go directly to the battlefield more quickly. The game has a faster pace in the bounty event, supports 1-4 players, and the restart mode is shortened from the original 15 days to 3 days. Players need to register in advance. After the team is successfully formed, the team will be locked. The top ten teams with the most points at the end of the battle will receive ranking rewards. Defeating gunships, armed tanks, EG-mutants, and the Avengers in the bounty event will get a lot of point badges, and you will get a small number of points badges for searching airdrops and munitions boxes. At the end of the event, as long as the points are in the top ten, you will be rewarded with restart badges, gold coins, and other props based on the ranking. In addition, trade coupons will be awarded based on the ranking.

In addition, in order to improve the survival rate of players, in the new event model, the base will be able to directionally transmit materials to the game. The material transfer function can be used in the base by raising the apron. Players only need to collect materials through retro mailboxes and express lockers in the game. Of course, the transmission of materials is not unlimited, there are restrictions on types and quantities, and can only be transmitted once a day. Players should make good use of the few opportunities. After this update, the event mode will give players a more exciting and fair game experience.

Join forces to survive, the close friend system is online

In the new version of “Ace War: Civilization Restart”, the friend system has a new friendship degree function. When the friendship degree reaches a certain value, it can increase intimacy. There are 4 kinds of intimate relationships for players to choose from. Players can enjoy the days of fighting in the civilized continent with their best friends and lovers. However, it should be noted that different friendships have different restrictions. Each player has only one lover, two friends, two girlfriends, and four buddies. Players should cherish these places, after all, adults can’t have them all. If you want to build a closer relationship with your friends, you only need to reach the prescribed degree of goodwill. Remember to play more games with your friends, so that your affection level can rise.

Add interactive props! Create a stylish and warm home

Want to build a charming base? In the new version, the base can be replaced with building skins! Newly added random refreshing of armored vehicles, motorcycles, bird helicopters, etc. on the roadside, which will bring more efficiency in the collection of materials; new additions The swing facility of the game allows players to feel the joy of swinging in the base and the battle. If you feel that there is no atmosphere, you can also use the newly added sound facilities and supporting records to make a romantic piece of music. The addition of audio and supporting turntables will also enhance the player’s sensory experience again New gameplay, new props, new experience, and massive optimization! What are you waiting for? Come and experience the unique charm of the new version of “Ace War: Civilization Restart”!

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