Under the Great Picture peak match double SP star debut

Fighting in the Three Kingdoms, the world is deployed! In the mobile game “Under the Great Picture”, the collocation genre of generals has always been the key to victory in PVP competitions. As the peak season is in full swing, the two famous in “Under the Great Picture” are about to debut! They either have strong and stable combo output or have stable restraint on the French lineup and team gains. It will definitely affect the current thinking of the mainstream matchmaker that is currently rampant in the active team and derive a new genre of matchmaker. It’s exciting, let’s see it first!

Powerful and stable combo output SP Fei is about to debut!

In the history of the Three Kingdoms, Fei is a heavyweight. It is recorded in the novel that  Fei yelled at retiring Cao soldiers in the battle of Changbanpo, scaring Xia Houjie to death. There was Dangyang bridgehead roared, drinking water from the bridge and running back bravely. In “Under the Great Picture”, after appearing in a more powerful SP form, Fei will also reproduce his bravery in the game, bringing a powerful and stable combo output to the battle In terms of skills, Fei’s general skill Fen Wu Qiu Shen] can purify himself and increase the self-increasing force by 25%. Damage lasts for 10 seconds; the built-in skill [Li Ma Heng Sword] is at the expense of all our generals not being able to release active skills. , Increase the critical strike chance of all our generals and can stack up to 3 layers; exchange skill Engrui Buyu] basic attack to purify itself, each negative state purifies, the damage rate is increased by an additional 40%, and it will cause the target of the basic attack A 215% force damage In the current PVP environment where the profit and loss BUFF genre is popular, SP Fei’s skills can combine stable purification and high output. In addition, considering that the skills can increase the combo crit rate, it is very suitable for pairing with Ma Chao to take the dual cavalry dual-core combo. Genre, bring irresistible coercion to the enemy on the battlefield!

The whole team gains and restrains the attack of SP from the French lineup!

Another strong name to appear in the peak season will be. As one of the most outstanding medical scientists in the history of the Three Kingdoms and even China, “Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases” has played a huge role in promoting the development of medicine in later generations. When he becomes a military commander, he will be engaged in the magnificent battle of “Under the Great Vision”, and he will also use his profound medical knowledge as a weapon to become an existence that is difficult for the enemy to overcome on the battlefield.

In terms of skills, master skill [Six Classics Dialectics] can reduce the intelligence damage suffered by all our generals by 40% for 10 seconds; the built-in skill [Suwen Lingshu] can make our side 30 seconds before the battle. If the generals are hurt, the probability will be restored to a certain strength. After 30 seconds, the damage of our military generals will be reduced by 30%; the exchange skill [Golden Chamber Jade Letter] can randomly select 2 of your own generals after 30 seconds, and restore a certain amount of power to them.

It is not difficult to see from the effect of the skills that skills are relatively strong periodically, and he restrains the team from being injured during the 20-second output period. In the last 60 seconds, with the skill Golden Chamber Jade Letter], it can stabilize the battle with low battle losses and increase the output ability of the generals, which is very strong in the later stage of the battle. Now that Huang Tian is in charge, the legal system damage reduction skill effect can directly restrain the output of the legal system lineup, assist the lineup genre of continuous output, and greatly improve the attributes in all aspects.

Fei and will log in to “Under the Great Picture” on August 20th. Players who have performed well in the top game can be recruited first! Players hurry up to “Under the Great Picture” to build their achievements and grab the recruiting capital of the famous generals. Millions of heroes gallop across the Three Kingdoms, watching the heroes!

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