Magic Baby: Traveler first burst tomorrow

Magic Baby: Traveler” is a Japanese painting style World MMORPG authorized by SE. The game 3D restores the classic scenes of the end game, with ultra-high art quality; you can choose multiple occupations, open to match skills; you can also seal full pets in the wild, more hunting, and map exploration to take you to the big world adventure The plot of “Magic Baby: Traveler” is authorized by the SE genuine, and the IP side supervises the whole process: you will be summoned to the kingdom of Flange, 4000 years old, in this world of swords and magic, like the opener, from “Summon Between” starts the trial, turns the gears of destiny, and composes new stories

The game combines Japanese painting style with PBR technology, 3D restores the magical original character image, and classic scenes such as buildings, towns, villages, meteor hills, etc. The braves can overlook the Flange from the top of the Ukrainian mountain and regain good memories There is also a real 24-hour real-time light and shadow system, a complete rain, snow, and lightning weather system, which will bring you an immersive experience. Collect and hunt with your friends, explore the map, and start a big world adventure!

We restored and deepened the classic class system and combat strategy: archer, magician, tomahawk fighter, pharmacy, robe-making, and logging There are a total of 20+ primary and secondary occupations to choose from. In addition, you will experience an open skill system derived from the classic end game: random shooting, worldwide throwing, guarding against arrogance and rashness. . . You can get rid of occupational restrictions and learn triumphant skills and general skills as you like!

There is no need to spend money to launder qualifications, the best-of-breed pets catching in the wild, to take you to relive the fun of catching pets; don’t worry about the expensive skill learning fee just buy a skill book, you can replace any skills, 100% learning success! In addition, the game retains the magical classic gameplay, while reducing the fatigue of daily tasks: automatic sealing and easy protection of the liver, offline hang-up experience increases, punching in to be able to level-up, no timetable for forced real-time online, bringing you fun An experience that is not tiring!  

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