gameplay! Thousands of people on the same screen battle royal game

Upgraded gameplay! Thousands of people on the same screen battle royale game Scavengers blockbuster update this week A few days ago, Scavengers” announced on its official website a number of surprise updates including gameplay and gameplay. The richness of the content and the great changes show that the development team is full of sincerity The important PVE gameplay “cluster mode” in the game has been greatly improved in this update. The development team has introduced a new evacuation process, and the explorers will begin to evacuate after the 10th wave of enemies has been eliminated. Players will receive rewards for uploading data, such as extra life, extra data transfer value, and better treasure chests; newly recovered items such as heavy predators have been added; a new veteran difficulty mode has been introduced and a difficulty selector, veteran difficulty mode has been added. It will be unlocked after the player wins a game of normal difficulty so that high-level players can get a more exciting game experience

And the player’s feedback of the most endurance system has also been greatly adjusted in this update, which makes the melee and endurance in the game more meaningful. Light hits now consume less stamina, while dodge and heavy hits consume more; running no longer consumes stamina, and running in a tired state has been removed from the game; all melee weapons have been made corresponding in the new system Adjustments; At the same time, the periodic hunger value consumption has been added and the hunger value consumption of skills has been reduced, and the talent that affects endurance has been adjusted. In terms of visual performance, the endurance gauge will change color according to your ability when you do dodge and heavy hits and reduce the camera shake when using melee weapons.

The game’s characteristic gameplay “Mutator Events also appears in this updated trailer. The sudden change event is random gameplay that will happen at a fixed time every week. Among them, Mutator Gunfu” will return every Tuesday. Players will have random weapons when they are born for the first time and each time they rebirth Mutator Arsenal” will come on Thursday when the event occurs. At the time, players can obtain advanced weapons in the mutant arsenal.

Scavengers is a sandbox multiplayer survival competitive game that combines PVE and PVP elements. The background is set in the future where the moon is crushed by an asteroid and plunged into a cold winter. Under the threat of extreme weather and terrorist viruses, humans are homeless and have to embark on a survival journey to find an extraterrestrial refuge. In the game, players can control explorers with their own special skills and professional-specific equipment to form a three-person team to fight against the terrifying creatures and other humans on the frozen ground of the doomsday.

Scavengers is currently available on Steam and Epic game stores and can be played for free. The’ScavLab’ experimental model used in the game tests a large map that can accommodate more than nine thousand people. It should be noted that currently in mainland China, an accelerator is required to play the game stably and smoothly. Game developers also opened an official account “Improbable Game” at station B to show more game details to domestic players.

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