relics of the mobile game of Fast Civilization

Your civilization will eventually be immortal! NetEase’s first free trading strategy mobile game “Premier Civilization” is now in public beta on all platforms. “Premier Civilization” presents a long-awaited player with a multi-civilized world. In addition to the heroes from the Eastern and Western civilizations, the relics scattered on the mainland are also interesting for players. Let us take a look today. Bar

Remnants of the glory of the past

In The Ancient Civilization”, along with the decline and fall of ancient civilization, the blood of the ancestors gradually lost, and the prosperous cities were withered day by day. The original magnificent buildings have become the relics of today, occupying them, you can get the grace of ancient civilization. However, the ruins cannot be captured by a single player. It requires the power of the whole country to be attacked by the members of the kingdom to complete the occupation of the ruins and obtain rewards. You can check the location of the ruins on the map, find suitable targets, and conduct selective strategies

Trilogy Trilogy

The ruins are generally arranged by the command in the kingdom to lead everyone to complete the occupation together. Before attacking the occupied land, there must be land occupied by our or allies around the land. Therefore, players near the ruins need to shoulder the responsibility of paving the road so that other teammates in the kingdom can come to build fortresses and adjust their forces as soon as possible. The number of troops dispatched by the player mainly depends on the strength of the kingdom and the level of the relic. Compared with the preparation steps, the final attack is much simpler. Under normal circumstances, the commander will deploy in advance and conduct real-time commands via email when the ruins are captured


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