Ace Racing” Devil Fish’s new car exposed

Unusual road casual racing mobile game “Ace Racing” will start a new season of “Off-Road Action” on August 27th. In this national off-road and reckless journey, the new racing “Devil Fish” will soon be added. The game, strong performance, and sci-fi appearance will surely make the riders hooked!

Future bionic technology, the new Devil Fish” racing car is online

The new racing manta ray was developed based on the manta ray. The wide and flat hood has six air intakes neatly arranged, and the air intake at the front of the car is like the manta ray’s open mouth, like a manta ray. The devilfish is swimming at high speed, preparing to hunt prey. The rear of the car is also designed with bionics, imitating the manta ray tail spines, which not only has outstanding visual effects but also brings excellent aerodynamic effects.

Jump and ambush, the trump card blessing to dominate the track!

Every car in Ace Racing” has its own trump card. The devilfish acts as a jammer, and its trump card stunt is “jump ambush”. In the race, the devilfish releases its grand move and instantly lurks into unknown time and space. When it avoids collision with other vehicles and then folds back to the real plane, it will produce spatial ripples, teleporting the devilfish to the front, and teleporting a nearby opponent’s car back for a certain distance, like a bat in the deep sea. Like the ray, unexpectedly give the opponent a fatal blow. The passive skill is “automatic turbo”, you can get a turbo every 5 seconds to boost the speed of the car.

Off-road feast, full action

After the maintenance update on August 27th, the new season of the Ace Festival of Speed ​​”Off-Road Action” will officially start, including the Ford Raptor F150, Devilfish, and Titan three brand new racing cars, two brand new racetracks across the canyon, and dam speed as well as brand new fashions, Massive updated content including new wheels and gameplay upgrades will be launched together, offering a different racing feast for all drivers. Hurry up and invite friends to join the game!

Go off-road and have fun! The new season of the unusual road casual racing mobile game “Ace Racing” is coming soon, log in to the official website to download the game now, experience the excitement brought by skill-racing, and create your own track record!


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