Sherlock Holmes at heart, the Lock Academy, located in the Châtelet district as well as in the Halles district, needs you. This school of private detectives faces mysteries that the most talented can not solve, and offers you to conduct your investigation to become the best detective! Reopening on June 9, 2021

The Lock Academy, a mysterious school of detectives whose two establishments are located  (1st) and boulevard (2nd), encounters many problems and is the place of exceptional events putting the budding inspectors to the test: thefts, assaults, disappearances, and even crimes!

All these mysteries prompted Professor Lock, founder of the academy, to call in teams of external investigators, in the hope of understanding what is going on in the school. In turn, the best detectives can confront three mysteries, for 3 to teams 5. Sherlock Holmes in the soul, it is time to confront you with the mysteries of Lock Academy with your friends, your colleagues, or even with the family (with children over 8 years old!).

In total, 6 mysteries surround the Lock Academy:

DEAR LOCK: Professor Lock is without news of Lock Academy’s most talented student: his only daughter, Cher. Her daughter was on a massive investigation, it’s up to you and your team to find her safe and sound In this investigation, it will take a lot of logic to find out what happened to his daughter Cher Lock. For an hour, we are locked in his room, discovering his greatest secrets, his school results, his loves, and his personal investigations

AN ALMOST PERFECT CRIME: Stupor at Lock Academy. Last night Sir Doyle, Dean of the Institution and Professor Lock’s mentor, was murdered in his own office. Who killed this living academy legend In this investigation, the most nosy will be delighted, because there is excavation and suspense. For an hour, we are locked in the office of Sir Doyle, Professor Lock’s mentor, be careful, appearances are sometimes deceptive.

REVOLT AT THE LOCK Will the Lock Academy go to the dark side and become THE new benchmark for criminals around the world ?! It seems so: its founder, the brilliant Professor Lock, has decided to sell the Detective Academy to his worst enemy, the criminal Jim Key. The latter is to Professor Lock what Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes: a brilliant adversary with ever more Machiavellian plans! For the students, the time has come for the Lock Revolt! Dear adventurous detectives, your mission will be to find out what is behind this sale, which is dangerous for the balance of the world, and to prevent it from materializing.

Ready for an Impossible Mission ?! Lock Academy’s nemesis, the evil Jim Key has found a way to take control of the Detective School and trap the best students, which is you! Do you feel like an Ethan Hunt or a budding James Bond? To save your skin and the academy, prepare to have to perform a miracle. Your mission if you accept it: Enter the most secure room in all of Paris, the Lock Academy Archives Room. But inside, it will be necessary to act quickly! Time will be limited to steal a top-secret document there. Its code name: the LA Confidential folder.

THE EXAM Do you think you are the best detective? Has your team of friends, colleagues, or family developed unsuspected investigative skills? Prove it! The Lock Academy is launching its competition to select the most talented among you! The Exam you are going to take is unique in the world. During this test, you will be confronted with EVA (Self-Managed Virtual Examiner), the brand new artificial intelligence system recently installed in our prestigious school. Get ready for an experience at the frontiers of science fiction where your team spirit will be put to the test …

For each investigation, the apprentice detectives have one hour to solve the mystery within the rooms of the Lock Academy. And if they do not let anything show through, the rooms of the Lock Academy nevertheless contain many secrets, each more unpredictable than the next: hidden passages, special effects, connected objects with astonishing powers …

After having tested the Très Cher Lock” or “The Exam”, we admit that the puzzles are well put together, there is something for everyone, novices, escape game lovers, we really take it to play and we are surprised that the investigations progress so much in an hour. And to think that the founders of the escape game are not game designers, Romain being a former com ‘and Laurent a former financial auditor, both passionate about investigations and creators of scenarios in their spare time, we applaud the result

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