Call of Duty Mobile Games Battlefield team competitive mode launched for a limited time

The Call of Duty Mobile Game” battlefield team competition mode is launched for a limited time. This new model will enable more players to fight and a large number of combatants to compete on the same stage. Players can go and experience it.

20V20 40 people limited time fierce battle start

In the battlefield team competition mode, 40 fighters will be divided into special forces and guerrilla squads. Each team has 20 fighters. Each fighter has only one tactical knife as a weapon at the start. You can choose from a variety of professional chips. One type and each takes a large plane to parachute along different routes. Players fight on the big map, eliminate the enemy team, and the first to reach the elimination number of 150 people will win. In addition to emphasizing the sense of excitement of multiple populations competing on the map, the entire battlefield team competition mode also retains the ability to parachute back to the battlefield indefinitely after being knocked down and eliminated, and the previous weapons and equipment settings make the battle rhythm more exciting. In addition, players can use the armor sheet mechanism in the battlefield, which can directly offset the damage, and there are no recovery items such as medicines, and the breathing is used to recover blood, which is the same as a multiplayer battle. Entering the finals, players can also quickly replenish equipment through airdrops, and even get tank airdrops to help fight With 40 people in large-scale battles, fully upgraded firepower, super long-range sniping, and more humane mechanisms such as unlimited parachuting back to the field, this survival battle belongs to every soldier!

In addition to the new battlefield team competition mode, two classic maps of “Call of Duty”, Mountain View Villa and Desert Oil Factory, will also come to CODM on January 13th, awakening the memories of classic scenes in players’ hearts. Among them, Mountain View Villa originated from “Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2”. It is a medium and large map. Due to the large map, the frequency of firefighting is relatively peaceful. Among the landmark buildings are circular fountains, swimming pools, central squares, etc., around a rich point design, there are a variety of strategic design combinations. The desert oil factory first appeared in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”. Due to its small map size, numerous iron frames, pipelines, and high platforms, and its complexity, there can be multiple tactics and multiple sets of firearms in this map. The style of play, tight and fast frontal shots, and card point defense will be the main theme.

Hidden in Winter” hits your exclusive winter collection weapon

Winter is here. In order to match the atmosphere of the battlefield in the winter, the official launch of a new epic-quality weapon-“Winter’s Concealment”. Participate in the two-person team activities, that is, you have the opportunity to unlock for free, and even the battle fortress treasure chest is free to redeem. From January 13, 2021, to January 26, 2021, players can join their limited two-person team by inviting friends (registered characters are required) or join other team leader’s teams. Once the captain binds the team, the team cannot be disbanded, and each player can join at most one team. After the team is bound, you can accumulate team points by completing daily tasks. The tasks are refreshed every day, and the points continue to accumulate. In addition, the points of the team leader and the team members will be combined, that is, everyone will enjoy the points for the team to complete the task. The team points earned by each person can be used separately for reward redemption.

Call of Duty Mobile Games” Battlefield team competitive mode launched for a limited time

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the epic blueprint Arctic50-“Hidden of Winter”, players also have the opportunity to obtain various gifts such as battle fortress treasure chest, advanced weapon experience card, glory experience card treasure box, glory gold coin treasure box, etc., hurry up and participate Move it The new mode of battle team competition, enjoy the warm winter benefits, the new content of CODM is continuously updated, waiting for you to fight!

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