the mobile game hero of “The Ancient Civilization

Your civilization will eventually be immortal! NetEase’s first free trading strategy mobile game “Premier Civilization” is now in public beta on all platforms and can be downloaded from the official website. “Premier Civilization” has built a multi-civilized world for the long-awaited players. Heroes from the East and the West will respond to the player’s call and fight for civilization. Among them, the ice princess Aisha is a hero with a strong ability but a low barrier to acquisition. Today, let us see what she is so extraordinary!

Output hero heroines who don’t let the bearded wasteland god card

As an epic hero, Aisha is very easy to acquire. She is a physical hero with a super high base attack of 263 points, which is the basis of an excellent physical leader; and the base intelligence of 210 makes her immune to spelling damage. At the same time, the attack distance of 3 points, so that Aisha can be used as a center or leader position. In terms of leadership, Aisha only needs 2.5. In the early days when the main city level is not high and leadership is limited, Aisha is the first choice for most novice players to open up wasteland.

combine with Wanjin Oil to take care of both reply and output

Aisha’s own skill “Eternal Winter Arrow” is a passive skill, triggered by a basic attack. When the enemy’s strength is high, it can steadily and quickly reduce the enemy’s strength, forming an advantage of fighting more and less. When the enemy’s strength is low, it can restore the strength of our hero with the least strength to prevent our hero’s death and make the next battle stronger. Not only can it cause effective blows to the enemy, but at the same time, its own battle damage is still very small. In terms of lineup, Aisha has very low requirements for his teammates, and it can achieve good results with the heroes such as Barbarian King Conan and Dragon Boat Raiders who have no threshold to obtain The mobile game “Premiere Civilization” is now in public beta on all platforms, a multi-civilized world, and familiar and foreign heroes are waiting for you!


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